Thursday, 20 August 2009

Comfort Fit returns!

He's back after a really short break! This is the third release from Comfort Fit, and it is just as good as the last two! [Made a post on the Never Look Back EP here.] Polyshufflez has even more experimental/electronic hip-hop vibes from start to finish. A lot of features this time around, including Blaktroniks among others. Seriously feeling Superposition. It reminds me of 90's J Dilla productions. Also like Ear is the Key feat. Gajah, a cool emcee outta Cali. Hit this album up!!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

'Toy Folk'

So I've been really slack again. Not cool. But I got a kick up the backside when I was sent this to listen to. It's a nice little EP called L'art pour l'art (Art for art's sake) from Julian Winter. German musik-maker who describes this as 'Toy Folk'. Really liked L'├ęcouteur but it's real nice loungecore in general. Whatever genre you put it in, it's worth a listen. Click the artwork for free download from his label.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Boozoo Bajou

This is WONDERFUL! Boozoo Bajou are a German duo with this really recent release, Grains. This album has me cooling out no matter what I'm doing or what mood I start off in. Very chilled, very nice. Same Sun is particularly nice. Not going to say anymore, just click the picture to preview the album. WORTH THE CLICK!!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Awakening

This is different, but so so so good. Stacy Epps is ATL emcee/songstress who's sound is so different to what you're used to from the South. The Awakening has this ethereal essence about it making it seriously captivating. So many good tracks on this 2008 release, but her first official release, Ruff Draft which features production from J Dilla and Madlib among others is also worth a listen. Do not take my word for it, hear for yourself!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Magic Monday

Michna's latest solo release, Magic Monday, and it's pretty cool too. Feeling Skunk Walk in particular. Nice bit of electronica, and the album artwork is very cool!

Onra & Quetzal

Couple of guys from Paris, France who tend to produce hip-hop beats based on themes and samples. Some nice cutting and sampling on here. The track below, Let Me Know, is taken from the EP, Tribute which is named as it's a tribute to soul and R&B which they've sampled on every track. Holla!

Yancey Boys

Been away for a minute, but back with a big release. A slight break from the norm, as this is no doubt a more popular album, Illa J, the younger brother of J Dilla, put out his first full release at the end of last year. Yancey Boys features production entirely by Jay Dee, and really doesn't disappoint. Gonna leave some tracks playing for a little while.